Streamlined Data Governance
The frustration of today's data teams results from a lack of visibility and ownership over their data. QueryPie is built to resolve these problems.
Data stuff has never been easy
Traditionally, to grant or revoke access to database assets, administrators must manually enter data into a database - possibly in multiple resources. This method is inefficient and does not scale as organizations grow, merge, or reorganize. Furthermore, this may be vulnerable to privacy and security risks since all users have access to all information, or administrators need to restrict access by creating user accounts with specific permissions.
Doing data has never been easy
Gaining full visibility of team’s
data workflow
QueryPie helps data governance within your organization by centralizing data access policies. Get the competitive advantage in today's data-driven competitive business landscape.
Gaining full visibility of team’s data workflow
From cloud providers to financial services, our customers are satisfied with the unified data access governance powered by QueryPie
improvement in DevOps Productivity 80%
Improvement in
DevOps Productivity
reduction in user roles managed 65%
Reduction in managed
user roles
Compliant with current
compliance frameworks
Compliance-ready solution
built for your needs
Prepare for compliance frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA by enforcing policies from one place.
Purpose-based restriction policy for protecting unnecessary data sharing
Automated auditing & reporting for enhanced privacy control
Dynamic Masking policy for protecting Personal Health Information (PHI)