Accelerated Cloud Migration
data source scattered over multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, or on-premise can be chaotic and even more challenging to manage when the environment changes. Consistent policy enforcement makes migrations across any platform easier.
Siloed data source across cloud
With the proliferation of companies transferring valuable data to the cloud, companies now need to ensure access to sensitive data across multiple cloud platforms and stay protected against data breaches and privacy threats. The problem is the lack of unified database access and control management solution that spans public and private data storage architectures offering the same robust data security and authorization controls.
Siloed data source across cloud
Global policy enforcement on
a single place
QueryPie solves the problem of dispersed and chaotic management of enterprise-wide data access to cloud data environments. With an all-in-one solution, users can now simplify data privacy regulations while streamlining access management, reducing costs, and increasing security.
QueryPie Universal Policy Management
Optimized for cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, you can manage databases spread across multiple regions from one place in seconds
Automatically pull data
from cloud providers
with scheduling
Manage dispersed data
with a single-click
Apply scalable security policies with
fine-grained access control
Fully Integrated with