Streamlined Data Access &
Privacy Control
QueryPie provides data access governance across the cloud, on-premises, and other platforms, including SQL tools.
Bring your team's data and work together in one place without the hassle.
Access Control
Easily create policies to restrict access based on network zone or at the table/column level with attributes specific to each user
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Auditing / Reporting
Monitor SQL execution, database access history and easily create a report for compliance regulations
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Data Privacy
Apply masking patterns to personal information in real-time without replicating or losing the original data
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Data Collaboration
Align data approval workflows in one place with a built-in SQL editor and share files with your team
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Data Discovery
Get a quick understanding of your data with automatic tagging and see the flow of data changes
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How QueryPie works
QueryPie integrates seamlessly into existing data environments. Administrators can integrate identity providers such as Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, and Okta into data access policies. Users can access the data source using QueryPie’s native SQL editor or any third-party analytics tools without changing their previous data workflows.
how querypie works
Easy Deployment on your Cloud
QueryPie is built on modern cloud technologies to run anywhere. Cloud deployments are supported on AWS, GCP, and Azure using Docker and Kubernetes.
Easy Deployment
Easy Deployment
Data Source
QueryPie supports various data source, including RDBMS, Data Warehouse, and NoSQL. Users can access these sources through BI tools or other data analytics platforms.
Data Source Integrations