Data Collaboration
Data workflow approval systems allow users to accept or decline requests for data changes. With a built-in SQL editor, analyzing data and sharing files within your team has gotten much faster.
Secured Data Collaboration
Data Approval
Users without permission to change data can work with an approval workflow system. They can select approvers and executors for a data change, see the flow of requests, approvals, and executions, and collaborate with notifications and comments.
Data Approval Workflow
Built-in SQL Editor
A web-based SQL Editor offers easy access to and analysis of data while enforcing strict security policies. Features such as auto-complete and multi-query execution are available. Access to other BI or SQL tools can be accomplished through a proxy connection.
Built in SQL Editor
Version Control &
Share, modify, and use files saved within the Workspace with teammates. Version control through Git makes it easier to track changes to files while leaving comments and tags to make collaboration possible.
Version Control Sharing