Data Access Control
Manage scattered data source and users in one place and grant appropriate permissions. With centralized access control, administrators can speed up the data access granting process.
Simplified Data Access Control
Access Control
Integrate with identity providers such as Okta, Azure AD, and OneLogin to invite users to workspaces and grant access. Users can request various data source, and admins can limit the menu display from showing policies you can manage per role through the administrative interface.
Role-based Access Control
Access Control
Establish data access policies by including key attributes such as IP address and access time. Privilege types can be created based on SQL commands classified as DML, DCL, and DDL to secure data analysis and editing.
Attribute-based Access Control
Policy Enforcement
Limit data access and sensitive data display to specific users at the table/column level. All policies are enforced in real-time and can be applied via the easy Web Admin or API.
Fine-grained Policy Enforcement