Privacy Policy

CHEQUER Global, Inc. and our owned subsidiary, CHEQUER, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "Company"), are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our users by complying with the personal information protection regulations and by setting personal information processing policies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Company will protect the valuable personal information of the user, so that the user can safely use the service. Company will inform users of the purpose and manner of using the personal information provided by the users and the actions taken to protect that personal information. This policy applies to internet-related services (including mobile web / apps) provided by the Company's sites.

Personal information items collected and collection methods

The personal information collected includes:

  1. Personal information items
    • Service Usage history: During service use, information such as product version, error information, device information (OS, screen size, device ID, computer name), IP address, cookies, date and time of visit, usage history, usage statistics and more may be automatically generated and collected.
  2. Personal Information Collection Method:
    • Telephone and online consultation through the website and customer center
    • Information stored automatically on the device when using the service
    • Information entered directly by the user to enable the service or feature

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

Company uses the personal information of registered users for the following purposes:

  1. Developing new services, providing content, marketing and advertising
  2. Improve service and provide customized service through service use records and statistical analysis
  3. Protecting privacy and establishing a safe user environments

Collection and Use period of Personal Information

Generally, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished, Company will immediately destroy the personal information. However, if it is necessary to preserve the information under the relevant laws and regulations, Company retains personal information of users.

Procedures and methods of destroying personal information

  1. Destruction Procedure:
    Company shall promptly destroy personal information at the end of the collection period, or once the purpose of using the personal information is achieved. This personal information is not used for other purposes unless it is required to be retained by law.

  2. Destruction Method:
    Personal information printed on paper will be shredded by paper shredder or be incinerated. Personal information saved in digital file formats will be deleted by technical methods that make the records irretrievable.

Consignment of personal information processing

For smooth handling of service provision and customer information, Company consign Personal Information processing to other companies as follows:

TrusteeConsignment service contentsUse of personal information
Zendesk, Inc.Provide customer support systemAt the time of end of consignment contract
Google LLC.Provide service usage records and statistical analysisAt the time of end of consignment contract
SmartsheetProvide demo request informationAt the time of end of consignment contract

Providing third parties with personal information

Company uses the users’ personal information within the scope of "Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information" and, in principle, does not use the information beyond the scope of agreed-upon purposes or disclose the personal information to external companies without prior consent of the user. Exceptions include where:

  1. Users have agreed in advance
  2. If a third party is permitted to do so by law or under other laws, such as when there is a request by an investigating agency or court in accordance with procedures and methods prescribed by law for investigation purposes
  3. If information is needed by the seller in order to fulfill transactions such as counseling, delivery, etc. during ordering and payment through the service provided by the company

Matters concerning the rights and duties of users and how to exercise them

  1. If the user does not consent to the processing of personal information of the Company, the user may refuse to accept, in which case the use of a part or all services may be restricted.
  2. If a user requests correction of an error in his/her personal information, Company will not use it or provide it to others until the processing is completed. In addition, if the user has already provided this information to a third party, Company will notify the third party without delay and correct the result of the correction.
  3. Company shall not disclose personal information that is revoked or deleted at the request of the user or legal representative as specified in "Collection and Use Period of Personal Information". It cannot be accessed or used for other purposes.

Installation, operation and rejection of cookies

Company does not use cookies in a way that stores user personal information. Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s computer by the server used to run the Company's website and stored on the user’s computer's hard disk. The user has the option of installing cookies or choosing not to use them.

How to disable cookie (Example: in Internet Explorer)
At the top of your web browser, click Tools - Internet Options - Privacy tab. Under settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies. Then click Apply. You can either accept or check each time you save a cookie, or you can refuse to save all cookies.

Technological and administrative protection measures of personal information

To protect all users’ personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged, Company shall take the following technical and administrative measures with the accordance to laws and regulations.

  1. Countermeasures against Hackings and Computer Viruses
    Company will do its best to prevent personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. By using the latest antivirus programs, Company prevents personal information from being leaked and protects personal information completely through encryption communication when transmitting personal information. Company uses intrusion prevention systems to control unauthorized access from the outside and strives to have all possible technical equipment to ensure even better security.

  2. Minimize processing staff and Conduct security training
    Company limits the number of employees who process personal information to a minimum and conducts training for relevant employees on a regular basis to confirm compliance with the personal information processing policy and compliance.

Company's information protection efforts

Company has a customer service department and a person in charge of personal information management to protect user personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information. For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the customer service department or personal information management below.

  • E-mail Address:

    Personal Information Manager

    • Name: Paul Hong
    • Position: CEO

Privacy rights under California, the EU, and other jurisdictions

Laws in California, the European Union, and elsewhere permit residents to request details about how their information is used. Company will do its best to comply with data privacy laws and frameworks and seek to protect the privacy of individuals, organizations, and consumers. To assert a legal request for access or visibility into how your data is, or is intended to be, processed, please contact us at

Revised Privacy Policy and Announcement Method

If there is any addition, deletion or modification of the contents of the personal information processing policy, Company will notify users through a notice on the website or the Privacy Policy page.

  • Announcement date: January 12, 2022
  • Enforcement date: January 19, 2022

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