QueryPie's data governance solution bolsters Hyperconnect, a global social discovery and artificial intelligence company, to safeguard its customers' personal information
Aug 03, 2021

QueryPie's data governance solution enables Hyperconnect to efficiently deliver on its limitless commitment to secure access to customers' personal data. Hyperconnect uses QueryPie's data access privilege reviews and management workflow capabilities to ensure that no access involving personal information is made without allowing responsible data protection officers and owners to review, comment, and approve it. With QueryPie's least-privileged policies, Hyperconnect's data consumers now control sensitive data assets, ensuring that no private and personal information is compromised or misused under effective, consistent, and repeatable universal data governance policies at scale and speed.

Furthermore, Hyperconnect chose QueryPie's for its holistic approach to maintain fine-grained access controls across all their data assets in one place and guarantee the governance of personal data access requests - from a centralized, self-service platform. Its agentless technology and end-device independent solution over competing for data governance solutions eliminate the need for end-users to install cumbersome agents.

Hyperconnect, based in South Korea, employs more than 400 people, of which approximately half are top-tier engineers, and operates two social discovery apps: 'Azar' and 'Hakuna Live'. Azar offers 1:1 live video and voice chat with a strong presence across Asia and growing in Europe. Hakuna Live, which launched in 2019, provides one to many or group live video, audio, and avatar-based streaming with a highly engaged user base in South Korea, Japan and other markets across Asia.

"We are grateful for Hyperconnect's high praise and trust in our product. Our customers are happy with QueryPie's fast deployment and seamless integration with their cloud-based data infrastructure, like Hyperconnect's. Through scalability and fine-grained access control, we're striving to win more cases from enterprises looking at cloud migration by enabling them to manage databases situated across multiple regions from a central location with scalable security.", Brant Hwang, CEO of CHEQUER, stated.

For more detailed information on QueryPie, visit https://www.querypie.com.

For audio news updates on QueryPie click on the link below: https://youtu.be/a3d6FJ_TNUE

About QueryPie

QueryPie (www.querypie.com) is an advanced data governance solution developed by CHEQUER that simplifies data access and manages scattered data sources and data protection policies. QueryPie facilitates easier management and auditing of the user or group-specific data access across the organization through a web-based solution, helping the organization ensure seamless data governance. QueryPie delivers visibility and control over cloud applications, data, and users across multiple databases and cloud data platforms, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and the Hadoop ecosystem. QueryPie has become an increasingly popular platform for enterprises implementing PII policies and complying with security standards such as PCI-DSS and data governance frameworks, including PIPA, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

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