Normalize your
Data Governance
Centralized Data Access and
Privacy Control across the Cloud
Normalize your Data Governance
Empower your team
with a secure data source
QueryPie is a centralized platform to manage scattered data source and security policies all in one place.
Put your company on the fast track to success without changing the existing data environment.
There’s a better way
to manage data
Data governance is vital to today's data-driven world. Ensure you're on the right side of data governance standards while giving many users access to growing amounts of critical information.
Scattered Data Access
• Need access to each data source
• Struggle to see who creates data, when and how it’s used
• Repeat applying policies across the platform
Scattered Data Access
Data Access Unified
• Centralize access control on a single platform
• See data changes at a glance
• Scale global policies across your data source
Data Access Unified
Simplify Data Access Governance
QueryPie improves data governance within your organization by
centralizing data access policies.
Data Access Control
Make it easier to create policies with attributes specific to each user
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Auditing & Reporting
Monitor SQL execution and database access history
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Data Privacy
Apply masking patterns to personal information in real-time
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Data Collaboration
Align data approval workflows in one place with a built-in SQL editor
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Data Discovery
Quickly understand the context of your data with automatic tagging
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Trusted by Startups and
Industry Leaders
“Our data source are scattered everywhere, which makes it hard to follow up on who owns and uses them, where data goes, and how they're being used. We needed a unified data access governance solution, which would cut down on repetitive approvals and improve privacy practices. We can now manage all our data assets in one place with QueryPie seamlessly integrated into our existing development environment.”
Head of Database Engineering
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